Marijuana – What does Louisiana think?

Louisiana State University conducted a 2014 public policy survey, which included opinion polling on the legalization of marijuana.  Here are some of the results.

Since 2013, support for legalizing marijuana for personal use has increased from 42% to 44%.  According to a Pew Research Center survey conducted in February 2014, the national average is 54%.

Louisianians support for legalizing marijuana for medical purposes is much stronger at 79%, but still significantly behind national estimates, which range as high as 88%.

New Orleans residents are most supportive of legalizing marijuana at 55%, while residents in Southwestern Louisiana (37%) and North Louisiana (35%) are least supportive.

Not surprisingly, younger people are more supportive of marijuana legalization, but the strongest levels of support are in the 25-34 age group (63%) rather than the 18-24 year olds (50%).  Only 24% of adults age 65 and older support marijuana legalization.

White respondents (47%) were more supportive than African-American respondents (38%).

Democrats are more supportive of legalizing marijuana for personal use (43%) than Republicans (34%), but Independents are more supportive than either partisan group (49%).

Support is stronger for legalizing marijuana for medical use, with fewer differences across region and partisanship.  New Orleans is still most supportive (89%), while North Louisiana is least supportive (72%).

While younger residents are more supportive of marijuana legalization for medical use, support is strong (71%) from those 65 and over.

Eighty-two percent of Democrats and 85% of Independents support legalizing marijuana for medical use compared to 63% of Republicans.

Ultimately, 65% of Louisiana residents believe marijuana will eventually be legal for personal use, 30% believe marijuana will never be legal, and 5% are unsure.

Support for legalizing marijuana is increasing in Louisiana – but it’s still illegal for now.
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