Pantsing US Marshal – Not Smart

A Pittsburgh woman was running along an Allegheny River trail, when she passed a 19-year-old man. He then chased her and pulled down her running shorts from behind. Unfortunately for him, the woman turned out to be a deputy US marshal.

She pulled up her pants and chased after the man, yelling, “Federal marshal! Stop!”
She (5’5″ tall) followed him (6’4″ tall) to the back of an apartment building, where he “attempted to charge.” Police said the marshal “feared that [he] was going to assault her again” so she kicked him in the crotch, grabbed him by the shoulder, and punched him in the face. Around that time, Pittsburgh police arrived and arrested the man.

He faces criminal charges of aggravated assault, indecent assault, escape, and providing a false identification to law enforcement. He needs a good criminal defense lawyer.


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